MIDTERMS: The Fight’s Over… (For Now)


Well, the fight’s over … for now. The fat lady’s warbled her tune, Elvis has left the building, and I swear that, somewhere around 11pm on election night, I heard Dandy Don Meredith cranking out, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over …” Yes, it’s all over but the kicking and screaming, and the Democrats […]

TOP 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities


Top 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities With the overwhelming number of anti-gun celebrities coming out of the woodwork, it’s easy to think that all celebrities are a bunch of anti-gun snobs… …but thankfully, that’s not the case. Believe it or not, there actually are some celebrities who support the right to bear arms, such as: #23 – Johnny Depp Outspokenly liberal […]

Deer Tries to Check-in to Hotel


Go Home Deer, You’re Drunk A deer was caught on CCTV footage running through the lobby of the Days Inn Penn State hotel in downtown State College, Pa. They just announced open season, so maybe the deer just needed a place to lay low for a while… SHARE if you got a good laugh out […]

Man Pretends to Surrender, Draws Concealed Firearm

good cop

Concealed Carry Saves Lives An off-duty police officer was at a gas station late at night, when an assailant approached with a weapon drawn. The off-duty cop kept his cool, momentarily diffusing the situation, until he had an opportune moment to act. The officer pretends to comply before drawing his concealed firearm and taking the […]

SHOCKING: Officer Slaps Man for Refusing Search

bad cop pb

“I’ll pop your head off and shit down your neck.” -Saratoga County Deputy Sgt. Shawn R. Glans Clearly, Deputy Shawn Glans of Halfmoon, New York enjoys his position of power. In this video, Sergeant Glans can be slapping a citizen after the man refuses to let the officer search his car. The officer verbally and […]

Epic Jet Porn

hornet ball

The Hornet Ball is an annual event consisting of all the West coast Naval F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons, their pilots and guests. Each year’s ball features a video compiled from the squadrons’ year of flying in both combat and training missions. The statue featured in the beginning is was recently unveiled at Naval […]

Switching Back to 9mm: Is the FBI Ignoring History?

miami fight

On the morning of Friday, April 11 1986, a team of eight FBI Special Agents attempted to execute a felony stop on a black 1979 Chevrolet. The car contained two men who were believed to be responsible for a string of bank and armored car robberies in the area. The stop immediately disintegrated into the […]

Thug Provokes Police – Meet the Warm and Fuzzy NYPD

police 3

Hoping to solicit a violent response from the NYPD, these worthless, low life idiots use their Obama-phones to video police officers on patrol while they hurl insults and obscenities at them. When I was a kid, this sort of jackassery would earn you a baton across the mouth. Your dad would ask you how you got your […]

Rookie Cop Schooled By Open Carrier Who Knows His Rights

police response 2

What’s a sure-fire way to get under a police officer’s skin? Show him that you know your rights. I’m unsure what the cameraman was doing or trying to prove by openly carrying, but he makes it very clear that he knows where to draw the line when it comes to police interaction, what he is legally required […]

Best Police Response To Open Carry EVER!

police response

Although open carry rallies typically invoke both an irrational public fear and an asinine over-reaction by law enforcement, it’s good to see that isn’t always the case. This has to be the best response to open carry by an LEO that I’ve ever seen, but what do you think?  

Counter-Ambush Defensive Shooting Drill

pdn defensive shooting

Train How You Fight Many people insist on shooting “Standard Drills” in order to rate their abilities. However, when you choreograph your exact course of fire, you end up removing the majority of your practical training, because the ability to process information and adjust your response to each specific scenario is the key to surviving a lethal fight. […]

“I Like Your Gun, Give it to Me”


I like your gun. Give it to me.” Just after 2:00 a.m. on October 4th, William Coleman III was walking with his cousin in Gresham, Oregon while openly carrying his brand new Walther P22. Coleman had purchased the gun less than twenty-four hours beforehand. He was approached by a young black man who asked for a […]

DEBUNKED: The Relationship Between Guns and Violence


It’s Time for a Guns and Violence Fact Check As election season approaches, gun control groups are gearing up their usual scare-tactic propaganda campaigns in an effort to convince the ill-informed that guns make us less safe. Many of the gun control lobby’s claims attempt to link the existence of guns to violence. However, the facts paint […]

SHOCKING: Gun Violence Restraining Orders

swat raid

Picture this: You’re awakened to the sound of footsteps and hushed voices outside your home. As you instinctively reach for your gun before peeking outside your window to see what is causing the commotion, you’re taken aback by the flashing blues and reds. Confusion sets in. You try rubbing the sleep from your eyes but […]

SHOCKING: 10 Anti-Gun Celebrities You’d Never Guess

agc arnold

Too many multi-million dollar movie stars continue to cash in on shoot-‘em-up thrillers, cop dramas, and over-the-top action flicks, all while openly and actively moving to restrict gun ownership in the United States. As soon as the cameras turn off and the curtain falls, these hypocritical movie stars drop their prop guns and pick up the Brady Campaign banner. These members of […]

Thug Armed Robbery; Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death

thug robbery play button

Store Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death The clerk was working alone at 2:45 am when a pair of armed robbers held up his Kangaroo Express and demanded that the clerk open the store’s safe. The robbers began pistol-whipping the man when he told them that the manager was the only person who could open the safe. […]

Embarrassing Armed Robbery Fail

bucket full of balls play button

This Store Clerk Has a Bucket Full of Balls… Not everything went to script for the aspiring criminal mastermind last seen attempting to rob the Bendigo Williamson Street 24 hour convenience store equipped with typical stickup man accouterments of a black balaclava and gun in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week. CCTV footage […]

Terrorists Take Turns Raping a Goat

goat sex play button

Terrorist Caught Raping Goat <—————–Watch Now! So, the rumors are true… Is rampant sexual frustration one of the primary causes of terrorism? Either way, I guess these pieces of human filth just couldn’t wait for their 72 virgins. Here, they take turns on a poor, defenseless goat, as seen from a U.S. military aircraft. Are you as […]

[VIDEO] No Jail Time for Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Two Kids


Yet Another Failed Policy… On January 15th, Cinthyia Garcia-Cisneros was convicted of hit and run, after killing two little girls who were playing in a leaf pile. Now, on it’s own, this is horrific on an epic scale. The two little girls were ages 6 and 11. Absolutely tragic. The incident took place in Forest […]

KARMA STRIKES: Terrorists Receive High-Explosive Can of Whoop-Ass!

Video thumbnail for youtube video KARMA STRIKES: Terrorist Receive High-Explosive Can of Whoop-Ass! - The Right To Bear Arms

In this video from Syria’s Deir az-Zaur Province, FSA terrorists fire an anti-tank weapon at a military airport. As the scumbag terrorists sit there gloating, their calm is quickly interrupted by a high-explosive round which lands directly on their position. Ka-boom! Well, that’s what you get for being a jihadist asshole. Am I right? Share […]

Ambush Fail: Terrorists vs Tank

Terrorists vs Tank

Terrorists vs Tank FSA terrorists are set in position in an attempt to ambush Syrian infantry, when all-of-a-sudden, a tank shows up and screws up their perfect plan… The moral of the story: Don’t bring a gun to a tank fight.

10 Epic Gun Fails


Don’t Forget To Share! Voltaire once said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and while it is highly unlikely he was talking about Firearms, it definitely applies. This short video compilation only goes to prove that Newton’s third law of motion hold true today as much as it did back in the 1600s; [Tweet “For every […]

BREAKING: Terrorists Captured at Southern Border, DHS Denies Terror Threat


Terrorists Captured At Southern Border Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) broke this shocking news Wednesday about four known terrorists who were apprehended at the Southern U.S. border in Texas on September 10 – the day before the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Chaffetz questioned the Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about whether or not he […]

BREAKING: Public Beheading Terrorism Plot Foiled By Australian Police

Australia raids target group suspected of public beheadings plot

Australian police thwarted a terrorist plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the Islamic State group ISIS. Police raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney today and are holding fifteen people and have also identified the suspected ringleader, officials said. Prime Minister Tony Abbot reports that Australian authorities obtained intelligence about a “demonstration […]

Attempted Gun-Point Robbery Caught on Video


I was on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at gunpoint. I miraculously happened to be recording with a gopro on my forehead and captured this amazing piece of footage!” This guy is extremely lucky that the would-be robber […]

What do Ray Rice and Gun Control have to do with each other?


What do Ray Rice and Gun Control have to do with each other? Mr. Colin Noir dives in how the preferential treatment Ray Rice’s recent domestic violence issue relates to a law abiding single mother that faces jail time for what could only be described as a mistake. What do you think? Is a double standard being […]

3D Animation: How Does an M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Work?


How Does a 50 Cal Work? Here’s an informative 3D animation depicting how the M2 .50 caliber machine gun cycles and fires. The Browning M2, or “Ma Deuce” as it is affectionately called, has been in Army service since 1939 and is still, to this day, one of the mainstays of the American infantry.

3D Animation: How Does an AR-15 Work?


How Does an AR-15 Work? Here we see an awesome 3D animation which shows how the cycling and function of an AR-15 / M-16 works. And here’s a wonderful “throwback” video from the U.S. Army on the same:

SHOCKING: McDonald’s is Ripping You Off


Besides swindling substandard “food” for a ridiculous profit margin, it seems that good ol’ Mickey D’s is now blatantly cheating their customers by using deceptive cup sizes. Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised.

ISIS Rocket Launch Fail in 3…2…1…

launch fail

You can scream “Allah Akbar” all you want; you still suck. Seriosuly, when will these retards just quit? This rocket launch fail is so pathetic, it makes North Korea look good! Spread the laughter, share with your friends!

“We Got A White Dude!” – Why You Need to Carry a Gun EVERYWHERE

carry a gun

Senselessly brutal attacks, such as this are becoming ever more commonplace. This is why everyone should carry a firearm, not just police and military, but every law-abiding citizen. This is also why you need to carry a gun, not just to the range, but everywhere. Tell that to Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, or any […]

MUST BE STOPPED: ISIS Parade from Syria to Iraq


Thousands of Libyan ISIS fighters were seen today parading inside the city of AL-Mayadeen in Northwestern Syria. Sources estimated around 3,000 fighters, complete with tanks, APCs, anti-aircraft guns, and tactical pickup trucks. The pictures talk about how they’re parading after some kind of victory. The Libyan ISIS fighters are reported to be heading to Al-Anbar, Iraq to fight […]

Off-Duty Cop Saves Man From Gas Station Fire


A New York State Trooper is being called a hero for pulling an elderly man from certain death after his car slammed into a gas station pump. John Vescio pulled the 69-year-old man from his car after he blacked out while exiting a suburban New York highway and plowed into the pump the off-duty officer […]

Using a Handgun to Open A Beer


Who needs a bottle opener when you can just shoot the cap off? This badass uses his .38 to open a bottled beer! He’s able to do it with such a clean shot, he doesn’t break the glass. I don’t care who you are, this is pretty damn cool. Share with your friends.

ISIS Defector Explains the Terror Group’s Master Plan


The main and principle goal of the Islamic State that they tell their new members is to establish an Islamic state that will encompass the Arab world. After that, we go to other countries.” Islamic fundamentalism is being enforced under the threat of death or torture. Crucifixions, beheadings and beatings have become commonplace in the […]

Homemade Gun Fail


This Darwin Award Candidate decided to manufacture her own firearm and the result wasn’t quite what she had in mind… (And this is why we don’t screw around with DIY firearms!) Just in case you think you can reinvent the wheel, so to speak, take a look at this quick clip first, and then share […]

3D Animation: How Does An AK-47 Work?

How does ak work

Here’s an awesome 3D animation put together by the folks at Grook.net which illustrates, in almost excruciating detail, how an AK-47 assault rifle works. The AK-47, or “kalash” in Russian slang, is a gas operated, 7.62x39mm assault rifle, developed by Mikhail Kalishnakov for the Soviet Army at the end of World War II. The AK-47 is […]

Motorcycle vs. Bicycle: 4 Wheels of Fail

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.56.08 PM

Close call that could have resulted in a fatal injury on both side of the party was all caught on tape. The motorcyclist’s dash cam footage reveals what started out as a nice casual ride through the mountains nearly ended in a horrific collision between a cyclist and a motorcyclist. From the looks from the […]

Stupid Terrorist RPG FAIL


Is that what happens when you don’t aim? What did we learn about situational awareness? Perhaps it’s best to maintain proper sight picture, knowing where your rounds will impact -especially when firing a ROCKET LAUNCHER! It’s laughable to think that these rag-tag goof-troops of terrorists have even the slightest prayer of vanquishing Western civilization, when their ranks are composed of asshats […]

Cement Truck Full of Fail

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.43.56 AM

Yep this cement truck driver is either drunk or just doesn’t give a rat’s ass… Watch as it rear ends a woman’s car and continues to plow through as if nothing happened. Did the driver just go psycho or does he not know? Maybe he was texting… Either way the poor driver who filmed the […]

“Salvo” Shotgun Suppressor Full Speed Dump w/ Slow Motion

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.40.57 PM

Check out SilencerCo’s “Salvo” a shotgun suppressor in full auto action with Chris Cheng from the TV Series Top Shot. Chris Cheng shooting a Benelli M2 with nine rounds using the brand new SilencerCo “Salvo” 12 gauge suppressor. Pretty impressive and effective. What is your take on shotgun suppressor and what would they come in […]

Dirt Biker VS. Cow – FAIL “MOOOOH’VE OVER”

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 2.03.54 PM

Dirt Biker VS. COW – WATCH Dirt Biker has one of the worst luck and manages to run dead into a giant cow. Why was he riding so fast in a field where there’s numerous cows just hanging out? Whatever the reason he learned his lesson and we do hope that the cow wasn’t hurt in […]

500 S&W Magnum – Dirty Harry Gun Fail *OUCH*

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.18.18 PM

One handed shooting with 500 S&W Magnum? This was a horror story written from the get-go. Maybe, he wanted to pull off the notorious Dirty Harry, but it was either his hubris or idiocy that came back to bite him in the ass! Now we’re fortunate enough to be able watch it over and over […]

Boxer vs Loud Mouth KO – FAIL

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.57.25 AM

Boxer vs Loud Mouth Wanabe Ninja — WATCH This loud mouth wanabe ninja wearing diapers has a death wish and wants to challenge a heavyweight champion boxer Jonathan Banks. Sometimes I don’t understand the motives of some peoples actions. The man was about twice the size of this ninja asking for a death wish. You […]

Russian Hitman’s Insane Office Escape Footage

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.40.14 PM

Russian Hitman’s Insane Office Escape Footage  — Warning Viewer Discretion Advised Watch this insane footage as you’ll be mind blown by how far this Russian hitman will go to escape his death and retrieve the item he was hired to acquire. Yes it’s a produced go pro action sequence but man did they do a […]

Brain Freeze Contest Fail – Surprise Ending

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.40.36 PM

Brain Freeze Contest Fail Watching something like this makes me lose faith in humanity but hey, what are you going to do other than laugh your ass off to some of these participants. I am so glad that somebody was able to capture this contest on footage because these contestants are trying so hard to […]

Are These The Worst Logo Design Fails of All Time?


We all know that a logo can either make or break a business and when starting a new company, it’s extremely important to choose a logo that is simple, easily understood and that sticks out from your competitors. Some of the following businesses took that last bit a little too seriously. Although it’s important to […]

Ultimate Close Call Wins Compilation – PHEW

Video thumbnail for youtube video - RTBA

Ultimate Close Call Compilation – Watch Some people get lucky and avoid near death or serious injury. Here we have a compilation that’ll have your palms sweating and realize that there maybe is a higher being out there who looks out for us in certain circumstances. These close calls will make you think twice about […]

How To Build A Log Cabin Man-Cave for $107


Does your house have an old basement or extra room that you’re just dying to convert into an epic man-cave? Do you lack either the inspiration or the funds to do it? If so, you’re in luck. One man was able to transform his old basement into one of the most amazing man-caves we’ve ever […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail with Tractor

Video thumbnail for youtube video ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail with Tractor - RTBA

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail We’ve seen more than enough ALS ice bucket challenge videos around the web. Some are clever, some waste water, some are just plain stupid, I’ve even seen some people use tequila instead of water. But this one takes the cake to be the best one we’ve seen so far because […]

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Won’t Melt?! We put it to test!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.58.54 AM

We heard a rumor that Walmart’s ice cream sandwiches won’t melt in the sun. Its too horrific to be true but these guys put it to test and yep, we were right. The result was terrifying. Even after 75 minutes in the sun, the ice cream sandwich held, with no sign of melting. What could possibly […]

This Is How to Stop a Police Search Without Consent

Video thumbnail for youtube video This Is How to Stop a Police Search Without Consent - RTBA

If you ever wondered how to stop a police search without consent, here is a quick and clear demonstration on how to do it with real life footage. With the right response and proper manner, you can repel any aggressive police officer who will try to take advantage of you to get what they want. […]

Drunk Off-Duty Cop Tries to Arrest Woman After She Rejects Him


Drunk Off-Deputy Tries To Arrest Female Soldier A drunken sheriff’s deputy was recorded during a strange and inappropriate altercation when he tried to arrest a female soldier at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina. 23-year-old Brittany Ball, a military member out of Fort Jackson, was allegedly upset at the restaurant when approached by Richland […]

White Guy Goes Nuts at an Indian Concert and It’s Awesome

bollywood dancer

Be That Guy This man is just having the most amazing time of his life as Indian onlookers are baffled by his sweet dance moves. It’s both amazing and uplifting to see an individual having a blast, completely on his own and in a completely new environment. Props to this guy! We can take notes on how we need to be more […]

Man Defending His Lady’s Honor Against Two Thugs in Walmart

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.44.52 PM

Man defends his ladies honor in *drum rolls* Wal Mart — Watch It seems like the two Mexicans probably hollered at the man’s girlfriend along the lines of “Hey Mami!” The hero in this excerpt was not pleased with the result of their immature and not productive manner to make moves on a girl so […]

F/A-18F Super Hornet Low Altitude Training


This adrenaline-jacked, hero of all things manly is flying his F/A-18-F “Super Hornet”over Northern California and Oregon while practicing NOE (nap of the earth). The pilot is flying a route used for low-level target penetration training which starts over the Pacific, flies over the Cascade and Sierra Mountains, and ends at NAS Fallon, Nevada.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.54.33 AM

Middle school and high school students are getting more disrespectful each day as they are exposed more and more with shitty mainstream culture via the internet and social media. Being tough and picking fights is the norm and kids are more inclined to do it because it is being filmed with ease due to the […]

Opening An Expired Can of Whoop-Ass

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.09.35 PM

I don’t know what was going through this teen’s head when he picked on an old man sitting down enjoying the mediocre weather, not wanting to be bothered. The teen harasses and attacks the old man with useless strikes until the experienced man opens his expired can of whoop ass and teaches the young fella […]

Aggressive Bully VS. Calm Karate Master (18+)

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.12.36 PM

Here we have a typical skin headed punk picking on a calm composed man who does not want any trouble. The man seems to be in his own yard in preventing the bully from entering his house. The bully relentlessly picks on the man by taunting, shoving, and even pulling the Karate master’s ear. Even […]

Wait for it…

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.55.51 AM

TV Reporter finds out the hard way that you must be aware of your surrounding at all times no matter how suave you want to look. This reporter was making her way to Mayor of “Kampen” in the Netherlands to interview him about sailing. She forgot to realize that she was on the edge of […]

Man Trolls Live News (Explicit Content)

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.39.36 AM

Warning Explicit Content : Man Trolls Morning Show  <<— Watch Here No outtakes, edits, or scripts, you gotta love the live morning news shows… This special report news was covering a big costume sale at a local store. The first person interviewed was asked what she wants to be for Halloween, and she says a “prostitute” and […]

Family in Extreme Poverty Shocked to Learn How Much Heirloom Is Worth

POVERTY featured

This stunning Navajo First Phase Chief’s Wearing Blanket made headlines when it sold for an incredible amount at auction in Southern California, smashing the previously held world record of $522,500 for a similar blanket. This is an example of the rarest type of the earliest phase of Navajo blankets. It emerged from obscurity when it was brought […]

How Quickly We Forget


What citizen needs a gun when the police have them?” FERGUSON, MO There is a big spotlight on a little town in Missouri. A cop shot a young man (let’s not call him a boy), and it seems like the whole town, and much of the nation, is upset about it. Right at this moment, […]

Big Guy Sucker Punches Smaller Guy.. Wrong Move (18+)


Big Guy Sucker Punches Smaller Guy  —– Click to Watch : Warning Explicit Content Big guy with an Affliction slash Ed Hardy shirt must have been embarrassed earlier and was put in a choke hold, so approaches the smaller gentleman stirs up a ruckus. He of course goes for the sucker punch and puts the […]

BUS FIGHT Iraq Soldier vs 3 Thugs


Iraq Soldier vs 3 Thugs A veteran that made 3 tours in Iraq stood up to 3 thugs who was being rude using distasteful words such as white b****s and ni***s. The veteran couldn’t stand to hear them causing a ruckus annoying everybody else on the bus he did whats right and told them to […]

Top 10 Ads From the Past


#10 – Instantaneous Cure! It’s a wonder that anyone survived… Sure, it’ll cure your toothache but thankfully, most of us nowadays are well aware of the negative side effects of  cocaine. This blast from the past just goes to show that advertisements used to work a little differently. #9 – Did I read that correctly? And who […]

Stolen Python Chokes Driver, Causes Crash

snake crash

Stolen Python Chokes Driver, Causes Crash LONG ISLAND, NY – After stealing a two-foot python from a Petco, Sarah Espinosa tried to make a speedy getaway. However, the snake wasn’t going down without a fight. The python somehow managed to wrap itself around Espinosa’s neck while she was driving, and began to strangle her. The […]

5 Secrets to Throwing The Perfect Punch


The Perfect Right Cross in 5 Steps We will teach you in 5 easy steps on how to throw that perfect punch. That perfect single punch that’ll knock out anybody regardless of how big, tough, or strong they are. With this punch we guarantee you’ll walk away the winner and not the loser face planted […]

Top 23 Personal Gun Displays


The 23 Most Impressive Personal Gun Displays So, you think you’ve amassed an impressive gun collection? How well does your armory stack up against our Top 23? Click next to find out…

Why Do You Need More Than One Gun?


Why Do You Need More Than One Gun? Let’s talk about one of the top myths the ‘Gun Not’ mindset is preoccupied with: They always characterize gun owners as “nuts” that are “obsessed with guns.” Their logic for asserting this is simple – they point out how many guns many responsible gun owners have and […]

Carrying a Firearm 301 – Choosing a Holster


<–Carrying a Firearm 101 <–Carrying a Firearm 201 Carrying a Firearm 301 – Choosing a Holster After the pistol, the most important piece of equipment in your EDC (Every Day Carry) kit is your holster. If you’re like most gun owners who carry on a regular basis, you may have three or four holsters for […]