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SHOCKING: 10 Anti-Gun Celebrities You’d Never Guess

Too many multi-million dollar movie stars continue to cash in on shoot-‘em-up thrillers, cop dramas, and over-the-top action flicks, all while openly and actively moving to restrict gun ownership in the United States. As soon as the cameras turn off and the curtain falls, these hypocritical movie stars drop their prop guns and pick up the Brady Campaign banner. These members of […]

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Thug Armed Robbery; Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death

Store Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death The clerk was working alone at 2:45 am when a pair of armed robbers held up his Kangaroo Express and demanded that the clerk open the store’s safe. The robbers began pistol-whipping the man when he told them that the manager was the only person who could open the safe. […]

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Embarrassing Armed Robbery Fail

This Store Clerk Has a Bucket Full of Balls… Not everything went to script for the aspiring criminal mastermind last seen attempting to rob the Bendigo Williamson Street 24 hour convenience store equipped with typical stickup man accouterments of a black balaclava and gun in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week. CCTV footage […]

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Terrorists Take Turns Raping a Goat

Terrorist Caught Raping Goat <—————–Watch Now! So, the rumors are true… Is rampant sexual frustration one of the primary causes of terrorism? Either way, I guess these pieces of human filth just couldn’t wait for their 72 virgins. Here, they take turns on a poor, defenseless goat, as seen from a U.S. military aircraft. Are you as […]


[VIDEO] No Jail Time for Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Two Kids

Yet Another Failed Policy… On January 15th, Cinthyia Garcia-Cisneros was convicted of hit and run, after killing two little girls who were playing in a leaf pile. Now, on it’s own, this is horrific on an epic scale. The two little girls were ages 6 and 11. Absolutely tragic. The incident took place in Forest […]

Video thumbnail for youtube video KARMA STRIKES: Terrorist Receive High-Explosive Can of Whoop-Ass! - The Right To Bear Arms

KARMA STRIKES: Terrorists Receive High-Explosive Can of Whoop-Ass!

In this video from Syria’s Deir az-Zaur Province, FSA terrorists fire an anti-tank weapon at a military airport. As the scumbag terrorists sit there gloating, their calm is quickly interrupted by a high-explosive round which lands directly on their position. Ka-boom! Well, that’s what you get for being a jihadist asshole. Am I right? Share […]

Terrorists vs Tank

Ambush Fail: Terrorists vs Tank

Terrorists vs Tank FSA terrorists are set in position in an attempt to ambush Syrian infantry, when all-of-a-sudden, a tank shows up and screws up their perfect plan… The moral of the story: Don’t bring a gun to a tank fight.