Do Revolvers still make sense for Every Day Carry?

Revolvers for EDC--Feature Pic Edit

I’ve been carrying a handgun for thirty years now; long enough to have seen a lot of popular trends come and go.  I was there for the birth of the ‘wondernines’, the rise of polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols, and through to today’s era of micro-compact .380s and 9mms.  I’ve owned...

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Budget Shotguns for Home Defense

Budget Shotguns--Feature Pic-Edit

Why a Shotgun? Sometimes the best handgun for any given job isn’t a handgun, and when you’re talking about defending your home and family against intruders, handguns can be problematic for inexperienced shooters.  They require systematic training, regular drills, and practice both at the firing range and with dry...

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My Hunting Guns Wishlist

Hunting guns--Featured Image

While the normal focus of these articles is oriented more towards the self-defense aspect of firearms ownership, the primary reason millions of Americans enter the shooting sports is for the challenge and enjoyment of hunting.  Though age and arthritis have limited my ability to head into the field as...

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RTBA Recommends — Top CCW Handguns by Caliber

CCW by Caliber Featured

When choosing the Top CCW Handguns by Caliber for daily carry, several factors come into play that have greater importance than in other types of handguns, say those intended for hunting or for a night table pistol.  Size is a key criterion, as the smaller a handgun is the...

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The 2nd is On the Line…


Though it seems like politicians have been campaigning for 2016 since November 2012, last month’s annual meeting of the NRA, held in Nashville, Tennessee, marks the official start of the 2016 presidential race, at least as far as gun rights and 2A issues are concerned. One of the two declared Republican candidates, and...

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M855 AMMO BAN: Obama’s Continued Assault on the Second Amendment

fight the m885 ammo ban 2

Backdoor Usurper The Obama administration has not made any secret of its antipathy to the Constitutional rights of American citizens, especially those associated with gun ownership and self-defense. From his pre-election, “… clinging bitterly to their guns and religion” comment, to his callous exploitation of every tragic incident in which a criminal uses...

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10 Epic Gun Fails


Don’t Forget To Share! Voltaire once said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and while it is highly unlikely he was talking about Firearms, it definitely applies. This short video compilation only goes to prove that Newton’s third law of motion hold true today as much as it did back...

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Stupid Terrorist RPG FAIL


Is that what happens when you don’t aim? What did we learn about situational awareness? Perhaps it’s best to maintain proper sight picture, knowing where your rounds will impact -especially when firing a ROCKET LAUNCHER! It’s laughable to think that these rag-tag goof-troops of terrorists have even the slightest prayer of vanquishing Western civilization, when...

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