"Access to Information       is the Cornerstone              of Maintaining                    a Free Society."

From The Editor
San Diego, Ca
October 2014

Dear Friends,

One of the most important lessons I learned during the time I spent fighting house-to-house in Baghdad, and trading lead with the Taliban in Afghanistan, was the dire importance of maintaining communication. By far, the most lethal weapon that I carried was a radio.

Being able to keep our people informed and connected to much-needed resources, and absolutely vital information is what saved lives and won battles.

Knowing may be half the battle, but being able to tell others what you know is what wins the battle, and the same holds true on the home front...


The mainstream media and many governmental agencies have launched an all-out attack on the Second Amendment. Anything pro-gun is getting censored, side-lined , or regulated out of existence.


Ideas may be bulletproof, but what good are they if no one can hear or spread them?


When we first started the Right to Bear Arms Company, our goal was simple: to create an online community for Firearms Enthusiasts.


We anticipated neither the overwhelming amount of support from the firearms community which we received, nor could we have fully understood the negative implications which would accompany being a Pro Second Amendment company in modern America.


Time and again, we have witnessed our posts, videos, and even entire websites be censored, silenced, or taken down completely. We have learned that “The Man” aims to keep you in the dark by keeping his boot on our necks, and the blinders over your eyes.


Liberty is at stake - We refuse to be silenced.


The powers-that-be have tested and strained our resolve, almost to the breaking point.


However, despite the tireless efforts of both misguided liberals, and gun-grabbing despots alike, we can overcome, so long as we work together and maintain an open channel of communication.


That’s exactly what we aim to do.


This is the fight which will ultimately decide which rights will be available to future generations. Who will defend these precious rights and pass on vital information after all the pro 2A websites have been blacklisted, censored or shutdown?


These problems will only worsen unless we work together to solve them, and that’s exactly what we aim to do…


...but we can’t do it alone.


We’re reaching out to YOU. Help us ensure that our lines of communication stay open. Help us help you by creating something both lasting and valuable. Most importantly: help us help our country.


I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, -an oath which I do not take lightly.

Both the gun-grabbers, and the internet giants, such as Facebook and Google aim to neuter the Second Amendment by silencing your information and our voice. Give us the means to communicate; the means to win the battle for our rights.

Give us a fighting chance.

What This Email List IS NOT:

  • Tons of worthless emails that will clutter your inbox. We send one top-notch email a week and we promise to never send you spam or share your email with anyone, ever. You can opt-out at any time.

  • Low quality products. We only promote the top-rated, tried and true products. If we recommend a product, we stake our reputation upon it. Expect only the best, newest and most innovative.

  • Low quality information. The internet has become a cesspool of the substandard. We’re not here to pour gas on the fire but rather, to be the antithesis of the mediocre, by delivering only top-notch, relevant, and vital information.


What This Email List  IS:

  • Access to the community’s top Subject Matter Experts. Read reports by experienced and qualified individuals. No half-assed instructionals, haphazard how-to’s or other weak-sauce content here.

  • Access to group discounts on the latest and greatest products (kind of like Groupon, but for gun stuff). Receive insane discounts on guns, gear, ammo and other related products.

  • Access to relevant, thoroughly vetted information about firearms, firearms education, and Second Amendment issues.


Is this the type of community that you would like to help build?


If so, enter your info below for full details. Remember, you can opt out at any time.


Keep Up The Good Fight - America’s virtue depends on it!

Brent W.