Boy Suspended for Bringing Paperclip to School

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Recently, redditor FatManManFat posted the suspension letter his little brother had received. According to the school, he was suspended for bringing a weapon. I know what you’re thinking: “Gun? Knife? An object shaped like a weapon?” The last one is correct, but what it was will leave you confused. Check out the letter below:

 Bringing Paperclip to School

  1. Jason B Chandler 6 months ago

    Well I guess they'd better ban and remove all paperclips from that school before somebody goes on a killing spree!

  2. Charles Davidson 6 months ago

    OH The humanity!

  3. Shirley Heckmann-Maxon 6 months ago


  4. Brandon Brooks 6 months ago

    imagine what one could do with a pen. …or a large book.

  5. Chad A Erickson 6 months ago

    Lol, just look at the options that could have been checked… wow

  6. Jason B Chandler 6 months ago

    Exactly what I thought after I posted!!! :)

  7. Dianne Mento 6 months ago

    I almost laughed until I realized how pathetically sad this is.

  8. Rick Sheldon 6 months ago

    Guess teachers won't be able to staple papers together anymore a staple is a DOUBLE EDGE WEAPON and could be used as a brass knuckle….and God forbid a staple remover could rip your throat out…and all those deadly sharp pointed pencils that can be used to stab and the text book could be used as a club and Bludgeon every one to death and Lunch room is a armory of weapons forks and knives and spoons to cook drugs ..I guess I'm lucky to have made it out alive….We are living in a world of BRAIN DEAD people I think the Zombie Apocalypse is here…..

  9. Tom Nellis 6 months ago

    Maybe he should jam that fvcking pencil in a staff members eye!

  10. Greg Castora 6 months ago

    Whoa! not the dreaded PAPER CLIP!?!? How the heck do you bend one into the shape of a weapon? Did it look like a gun? Here's a "Hurtful Name Calling" for the administrators at this school: You bunch of Frickin MORONS!

  11. Dixie Johnson 6 months ago

    It appears non of you have worked in a jail or prison.. As asinine as it sounds, all of the things in his pocket could be used as a weapon. I've seen them made and used. However, I agree the schools need to get a grip and stop looking at everything as though it were a weapon. Damn, some of those kids practice marshell arts, does that mean the schools ar going to ban their hands and feet????

  12. James Walker 6 months ago

    Better yet, reprimand all Teachers and Administrators for having "dangerous objects" in a facility for children. Yes, "think of the children".

  13. April Workman 6 months ago

    Where is this fucking school!? This is some of the stupidest shit I've heard of! Better take the paperclips from the staff as well, cause them fucks could go postal if the kids don't listen.

  14. Michael McGowan 6 months ago

    I'd go into the school and hit all of the teachers in the head with a big book so they ban those too. 451°

  15. Lori Gyuro Valimont 6 months ago

    OMG!! I am NEVER going to Staples again!!!Who knew I'd be taking my life in my hands just by walking in the door!!Thank goodness the establishment is looking out for my well being!!

  16. Dan R Wolfe 6 months ago

    This isn't a jail and it isn't a prison. It is a school. There are hundreds, probably thousands of objects in the school that could be used as a weapon. Schools have lost any and all logical thought and common sense. They hide behind the mantra of zero tolerance and following the rules to justify their complete lack of independent thought and deductive reasoning. Which is what they are trying to drill into the minds of the students. Think only what the state wants/allows you to think and obey without question. America has never faced such a menace before in it's history. These are dark and dangerous times we live in.

  17. Dan R Wolfe 6 months ago

    To add to my comment, even though the Marine Corps expected my to obey orders at times without hesitation or question they still encouraged initiative and independent thought when the need arose. Something we see lacking in our schools more and more on a daily basis.

  18. Cliff Sturtevant 6 months ago

    Fire every one who has paper clips in their desks for furnishing possible weapons to students

  19. Tim Staten 6 months ago

    Todays liberal America, led by a giant shit stain called Obama. I feel sorry for future generations. America is becoming a sespool of politicaly correct idiots, corrupt politicians, queers, welfare dependent maggots, illegals & gun grabbing assholes that want the constitution voided. This is just another example of the insanity taken hold of America. You dumbasses that voted the muslim in twice should be shot in the face for what you have done to this country!

  20. Noel Avenelle 6 months ago

    Filed under news. Should have been filed under retarded.

  21. Chris Cahill 6 months ago

    Did anyone have that assault weapon known as the Websters unabridged dictionary in the library.

  22. Chris Cahill 6 months ago

    Careful sounds like rumor spreading to me there buddy. Not to mention hurtful teasing, hurtful name calling, insulting remarks and maybe social excluding

  23. Dale Mendoza 6 months ago

    i guess they should ban ballpens and pencils, the moment you take off the ballpen cap and sharpen a pencil you already made a weapon, oh by the way dont forget the scissors….

  24. Rich Koster 6 months ago

    Libtard agenda & hysteria has trashed the school system. Homeschool your children and take them out of the Marxist indoctrination centers.

  25. Dee Howard 6 months ago

    Would that qualify as profiling?

  26. Dion Cassidy 6 months ago

    no, not all paperclips, just those nasty assault paperclips!

  27. Bryan Merritt 6 months ago

    The main thing that's lacking more than anything else in our schools today is common sense. This zero tolerance and political correctness crap is out of control.. A gun is a weapon a large knife is a weapon true enough. A paper clip is not a weapon nor is a pop tart eaten in the shape of a weapon.nor is a kids finger pointed at someone like he was shooting a gun a weapon, Its a kid playing with his friends perfectly normal male child behavior.. We need to put some common sense back in our school systems or we are going to have a bunch of mal adjusted misfit sissies and I see it as the plan for a dumbing down of our great American culture so that it can be more easily controlled by a monarchy government that answers to no one. They start in our schools like this then as the people give up more and more freedom's with more regulations and laws soon we are no longer citizens but subjects. Obama all ready does what ever he wants with out consulting anyone it's started already next comes martial law and then the confiscation of our property land food weapons and eventually our freedom.

  28. Ruben Juarez 6 months ago

    Must have been one of those 30-round, high-capacity clips.

  29. Sean DeLozier 6 months ago

    All right, who got a hold of my school records?

  30. Roger Long 6 months ago

    Better take all staplers out of class, no pencils. A teacher should be smarter than her students. If I had a child in school and this happened, home schooling immediately.

  31. William Schultz Jr. 6 months ago

    sounds like some people here are bullies now LOL

  32. Rob Stumpf 6 months ago

    You people are ignorant of the real world. Do you know what could happen if a child inserted an unauthorized paper clip onto the tip of a portable nuclear weapon? I stand with the school and this decision. They have to make our children SAFE at all cost!

  33. Mary Riewer 6 months ago

    There is no more dangerous thing in the world than adhering to the law without thinking whether what you are doing makes sense. No wonder all the kids today are afraid of their own shadow and will jump a foot when you yell "boo". What a bunch of feckin' eedjits.

  34. Rick Desper 6 months ago

    Or maybe the story isn't true.

  35. Dale Mendoza 6 months ago

    im waiting for the day where they tell a kid…"im sorry but we have to suspend you , we just found out that you were taught a martial art…your hands are now considered deadly weapons"…lol

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