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Do Revolvers still make sense for Every Day Carry?

Revolvers for EDC--Feature Pic Edit

I’ve been carrying a handgun for thirty years now; long enough to have seen a lot of popular trends come and go.  I was there for the birth of the ‘wondernines’, the rise of polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols, and through to today’s era of micro-compact .380s and 9mms.  I’ve owned...

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The 2nd is On the Line…


Though it seems like politicians have been campaigning for 2016 since November 2012, last month’s annual meeting of the NRA, held in Nashville, Tennessee, marks the official start of the 2016 presidential race, at least as far as gun rights and 2A issues are concerned. One of the two declared Republican candidates, and...

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M855 AMMO BAN: Obama’s Continued Assault on the Second Amendment

fight the m885 ammo ban 2

Backdoor Usurper The Obama administration has not made any secret of its antipathy to the Constitutional rights of American citizens, especially those associated with gun ownership and self-defense. From his pre-election, “… clinging bitterly to their guns and religion” comment, to his callous exploitation of every tragic incident in which a criminal uses...

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UN & Friends: Everytown for Gun Safety

bloomberg - everytown for gun safety

<<Back to Part Two Everytown for Gun Safety may call for universal background checks, minimum wait-times for firearms purchases, and high-capacity magazine bans. However, the Santa Barbara killer passed three such background checks, endured three mandatory wait periods, and used legal, 10-round magazines in his firearms. It’s obvious that more...

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Top 5 Pro Gun Moments in 2013

pro gun

Breitbart News has compiled what we believe were the top five pro gun moments from 2013. 5. Lopsided win NRA-backed Virginia delegates secured over delegates backed by Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) on November 5. Out of 67 delegate races, NRA-backed candidates won 65. 4. Number four...

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