MIDTERMS: The Fight’s Over… (For Now)


Well, the fight’s over … for now. The fat lady’s warbled her tune, Elvis has left the building, and I swear that, somewhere around 11pm on election night, I heard Dandy Don Meredith cranking out, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over …” Yes, it’s all over but the kicking and screaming, and the Democrats […]

TOP 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities


Top 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities With the overwhelming number of anti-gun celebrities coming out of the woodwork, it’s easy to think that all celebrities are a bunch of anti-gun snobs… …but thankfully, that’s not the case. Believe it or not, there actually are some celebrities who support the right to bear arms, such as: #23 – Johnny Depp Outspokenly liberal […]

Man Pretends to Surrender, Draws Concealed Firearm

good cop

Concealed Carry Saves Lives An off-duty police officer was at a gas station late at night, when an assailant approached with a weapon drawn. The off-duty cop kept his cool, momentarily diffusing the situation, until he had an opportune moment to act. The officer pretends to comply before drawing his concealed firearm and taking the […]

SHOCKING: Officer Slaps Man for Refusing Search

bad cop pb

“I’ll pop your head off and shit down your neck.” -Saratoga County Deputy Sgt. Shawn R. Glans Clearly, Deputy Shawn Glans of Halfmoon, New York enjoys his position of power. In this video, Sergeant Glans can be slapping a citizen after the man refuses to let the officer search his car. The officer verbally and […]

Switching Back to 9mm: Is the FBI Ignoring History?

miami fight

On the morning of Friday, April 11 1986, a team of eight FBI Special Agents attempted to execute a felony stop on a black 1979 Chevrolet. The car contained two men who were believed to be responsible for a string of bank and armored car robberies in the area. The stop immediately disintegrated into the […]

Rookie Cop Schooled By Open Carrier Who Knows His Rights

police response 2

What’s a sure-fire way to get under a police officer’s skin? Show him that you know your rights. I’m unsure what the cameraman was doing or trying to prove by openly carrying, but he makes it very clear that he knows where to draw the line when it comes to police interaction, what he is legally required […]

“I Like Your Gun, Give it to Me”


I like your gun. Give it to me.” Just after 2:00 a.m. on October 4th, William Coleman III was walking with his cousin in Gresham, Oregon while openly carrying his brand new Walther P22. Coleman had purchased the gun less than twenty-four hours beforehand. He was approached by a young black man who asked for a […]

DEBUNKED: The Relationship Between Guns and Violence


It’s Time for a Guns and Violence Fact Check As election season approaches, gun control groups are gearing up their usual scare-tactic propaganda campaigns in an effort to convince the ill-informed that guns make us less safe. Many of the gun control lobby’s claims attempt to link the existence of guns to violence. However, the facts paint […]

SHOCKING: Gun Violence Restraining Orders

swat raid

Picture this: You’re awakened to the sound of footsteps and hushed voices outside your home. As you instinctively reach for your gun before peeking outside your window to see what is causing the commotion, you’re taken aback by the flashing blues and reds. Confusion sets in. You try rubbing the sleep from your eyes but […]

SHOCKING: 10 Anti-Gun Celebrities You’d Never Guess

agc arnold

Too many multi-million dollar movie stars continue to cash in on shoot-‘em-up thrillers, cop dramas, and over-the-top action flicks, all while openly and actively moving to restrict gun ownership in the United States. As soon as the cameras turn off and the curtain falls, these hypocritical movie stars drop their prop guns and pick up the Brady Campaign banner. These members of […]

Thug Armed Robbery; Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death

thug robbery play button

Store Clerk Narrowly Escapes Death The clerk was working alone at 2:45 am when a pair of armed robbers held up his Kangaroo Express and demanded that the clerk open the store’s safe. The robbers began pistol-whipping the man when he told them that the manager was the only person who could open the safe. […]

[VIDEO] No Jail Time for Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Two Kids


Yet Another Failed Policy… On January 15th, Cinthyia Garcia-Cisneros was convicted of hit and run, after killing two little girls who were playing in a leaf pile. Now, on it’s own, this is horrific on an epic scale. The two little girls were ages 6 and 11. Absolutely tragic. The incident took place in Forest […]

BREAKING: Terrorists Captured at Southern Border, DHS Denies Terror Threat


Terrorists Captured At Southern Border Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) broke this shocking news Wednesday about four known terrorists who were apprehended at the Southern U.S. border in Texas on September 10 – the day before the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Chaffetz questioned the Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about whether or not he […]

BREAKING: Public Beheading Terrorism Plot Foiled By Australian Police

Australia raids target group suspected of public beheadings plot

Australian police thwarted a terrorist plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the Islamic State group ISIS. Police raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney today and are holding fifteen people and have also identified the suspected ringleader, officials said. Prime Minister Tony Abbot reports that Australian authorities obtained intelligence about a “demonstration […]

What do Ray Rice and Gun Control have to do with each other?


What do Ray Rice and Gun Control have to do with each other? Mr. Colin Noir dives in how the preferential treatment Ray Rice’s recent domestic violence issue relates to a law abiding single mother that faces jail time for what could only be described as a mistake. What do you think? Is a double standard being […]

3D Animation: How Does an M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Work?


How Does a 50 Cal Work? Here’s an informative 3D animation depicting how the M2 .50 caliber machine gun cycles and fires. The Browning M2, or “Ma Deuce” as it is affectionately called, has been in Army service since 1939 and is still, to this day, one of the mainstays of the American infantry.

“We Got A White Dude!” – Why You Need to Carry a Gun EVERYWHERE

carry a gun

Senselessly brutal attacks, such as this are becoming ever more commonplace. This is why everyone should carry a firearm, not just police and military, but every law-abiding citizen. This is also why you need to carry a gun, not just to the range, but everywhere. Tell that to Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, or any […]

3D Animation: How Does An AK-47 Work?

How does ak work

Here’s an awesome 3D animation put together by the folks at Grook.net which illustrates, in almost excruciating detail, how an AK-47 assault rifle works. The AK-47, or “kalash” in Russian slang, is a gas operated, 7.62x39mm assault rifle, developed by Mikhail Kalishnakov for the Soviet Army at the end of World War II. The AK-47 is […]

10 Pro-Gun Celebrities You’d Never Guess


10 Pro-Gun Celebrities You’d Never Guess… #10 – Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner, star of The Avengers and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, has a very simple and practical point of view when it comes to guns.   Renner states: I’m for guns. I own guns and I don’t think guns kill people, I think people kill […]

UN: Self Defense is Not A Human Right

UN coming for your guns APC

<<Back to Part Three Meanwhile, at the UN SAF Operations Director Julianne Versnel cited that Peru had introduced a resolution to the UN Human Rights Council which demands that all governments institute strict civilian gun control. Versnel stated that “NGOs are starting tobase their opposition to firearms on the Frey report at the expense of recognizing […]

UN & Friends: Everytown for Gun Safety

bloomberg - everytown for gun safety

<<Back to Part Two Everytown for Gun Safety may call for universal background checks, minimum wait-times for firearms purchases, and high-capacity magazine bans. However, the Santa Barbara killer passed three such background checks, endured three mandatory wait periods, and used legal, 10-round magazines in his firearms. It’s obvious that more legislature is not what is needed. […]

UN & Friends: Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America

moms demand action

  <<Back to Part One On the Home-front SAF Operations Director Julianne Versnel criticized a UN Human Rights Council report, which she said “refused the idea that there is a right to have arms for self-defense and furthermore rejected any concept of self-defense as a human right. It also went on to say that states had a […]

UN: We’re Coming for Your Guns and We Have Company

Indonesian soldiers who will participate

  The battle for the Right to Bear Arms extends much further than Capitol Hill “The United Nations is on a collision course” with the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment and the natural right of all people to defend themselves,” the Second Amendment Foundation stated at a United Nations Programme of Action (POA) meeting in New York last […]

Good idea: Gun Myths Gone in 5 Minutes

Video thumbnail for youtube video Gun Myths Gone in Under Five Minutes - Right To Bear Arms Blog

Gun Myths Gone in 5 Minutes This episode from ABC’s 20/20 dispels many common gun myths in under five minutes. Unfortunately, many Americans fall prey to the all-to-common and highly sensationalized gun violence misrepresentations, distortions, and out-right lies. The truth is that the vast majority of gun control legislature is backed and supported by highly […]

Firearms Education and Accident Prevention

Video thumbnail for youtube video Firearm Education and Accident Prevention - Right To Bear Arms Blog

Firearms Education and Accident Prevention “Ideology is the opposite of philosophy. Philosophy is the curiosity which guides its inquiry according to universal principles. Ideology is a prior prejudice that seeks out an echo chamber of reaffirming information.” -Stefan Molyneux The problem isn’t that there has been a surge in gun violence, the problem is media spin […]

Do You Still Believe in The Good Guys?

Video thumbnail for youtube video - Right To Bear Arms Blog

In a world filled with violence, we’re constantly reminded of both the bad guys and of our own mortality. We know that there is no shortage of evil, villainy or scum. However, we often overlook the very fact that many men and women willingly put themselves into harm’s way, for the sake of their country and community. […]

CNN: Mass Shootings Are Not An Epidemic

CNN: Mass Shooting Are Not An Epidemic

When debating the topic of gun control, gun control advocates rely heavily on two main talking points. The first is that gun related violent crime is on the rise in the United States and stricter gun laws will make the country a safer place. Unfortunately, this talking point does not hold up when compared to […]

Pick and Choose Your Own Gun Crime Statistics


When it comes to gun crime statistics, it is important to remember that the data is only as good as the people who collect and interpret it. This means that not all data is created equal. Political biases or personal agendas can often skew the data, and so the first step in analysis is to […]

Gun Control: Obama Wants Us To Feel Ashamed

Barack Obama

  Obama Wants Us To Feel Ashamed By Gregory Smith, Blogger at SellingtheSecondAmendment.com   Mass shootings happen in every country yet Obama wants us to feel ashamed. He lies when he claimed that “We’re the only developed country on Earth where this happens,” during a question-and-answer session on Tumblr. Really? Are Germany, Sweden, England, and […]

Ares Armor is Ready To Battle the ATF Agents Again!


Ares Armor, a shop in Oceanside, California that sells 80% lower receivers, took a huge hit these past couple of months. They were raided by federal agents and all of their merchandise was confiscated. Ares Armor estimates their losses to be in the range of $300,000 – $500,000. However, this hasn’t stopped them from inviting federal agents back into their doors for a second […]

Pro Gun Activists Harass a Marine?! (Warning Explicit Language)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Pro Gun Activists Harass a Marine?! (Warning Explicit Language) - Right To Bear Arms Blog

This clip emerged from Mother Jones’ Youtube Channel. A marine and couple pro gun activists gets into a verbal argument (warning explicit language) The former marine is not pleased with the pro gun activists hanging out with “assault rifles”. Did both sides handle the argument very well? We don’t think so, the situation is aggravated […]

High School Student Suspended for Wearing Pro Gun T-Shirt Takes A Stand

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 2.22.27 PM

Chris Borg, an Illinois high school student, was suspended for wearing a t-shirt depicting an AK-47 and a pro-gun website’s url. Now, Chris is taking an active stance and protesting against the school’s decision for violating his 1st Amendment rights. A school official noticed Borg’s shirt and demanded that he either turn it inside out, change into a different shirt, or be […]

Top 4 Guns You Can’t Miss for Home Defense


Aaron Mulligan is a long-time friend who has years of experience when it comes to guns, camping, and hunting. He’s been sharing his knowledge and experience by writing for Gun Mate. This article even shows his expertise in choosing guns to secure your family and home. Most homeowners nowadays are faced with the decision of […]

Concealed Carry Options for the Quiet Professional


Society is going to hell in a high-speed handbasket… Every time we turn on the TV we’re told about the latest murder, rape, home invasion, or shooting. Nowadays, horrific news headlines such as these are more the norm than the exception. ​In these uncertain times, an ever-increasing number of Americans are taking on the individual […]

The Absurdity of ‘Gun Free Zones’

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.38.34 PM

Spoof on just how really effective “gun free” zones are when it comes to prevent crimes at liquor stores, street, and even your home. It’s sad but this spoof really nails just how ridiculous the concept of having gun free zones really are.  

Piers Morgan Vs Ted Nugent On Gun Control

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.45.26 PM

With two figures making head lines recently, lets have a flashback to this classic debate. Piers Morgan vs Ted Nugent in a heated battle on Gun Control.. Piers Morgan Vs Ted Nugent On Gun Control On Piers Morgan’s own television show (Piers Morgan Tonight) takes on the rock and roll star legend and constitutionalists Ted Nugent. […]

The Awesome POWER of Gun Free Zones

gun free zones

It is obvious to anyone with an open mind that “Gun Free Zones” do NOTHING to deter criminals or ensure safety. People who intend to harm other for their own self interests will NEVER pay attention to laws that are supposedly designed to protect citizens. Quite to the contrary, those who obey the signs are […]

Why Good People Should Be Armed

good people should be armed

Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of firearms, the principle that matters most is quite simple. Why good people should be armed. Do you support the Right to Bear Arms?

CTA: City Threatens Tactical Store with Jail Time for AR-15 Sign


“Take down the sign or go to jail. We do not approve of guns…or you.” This is the unmistakable messages sent by progressives when they take over a city’s government and freedom pays the price. Ares Armor is a small tactical store operating one of their stores in National City, CA, a suburb of San […]

Un-Aired Super Bowl Ad – Front Sight Firearms Training Intitute

super bowl ad

Read Full Blog Post here: http://www.ignatius-piazza-front-sigh… Did you see the our Super Bowl advertisement during the first quarter of the game? We actually created three ads. One to play during the first quarter, then another for half time and a final ad to play in the third quarter. The ads were designed to demonstrate WHY every […]

Gunmakers angry over Calif. law requiring coded ammo

coded ammo

Imagine if every bullet had its own unique mark that showed what gun it was fired from. How would that change police investigations, and could it stem the country’s gun violence? That’s exactly what California wants to find out with a law going into effect that requires new semiautomatic pistols to use “microstamping” technology that […]

Jesse Ventura VS Piers Morgan On Gun Control

gun control

Jesse Ventura and Piers Morgan in a heated debate in regards to why Americans need our guns. Ventura goes to explain how he witnessed Ferdinand Marcos in the Phillipines taking away everyone’s guns and giving them only two weeks to turn their fire arms in or they would be executed. Piers Morgan is no longer […]

SB 808 Update (Ghost Guns)

sb 808

SB 808 Passed out of Senate Appropriations Committee and is on it’s way to the Senate floor. In this update, CAL-FFL outlines the numerous problems with the amended version on the bill.

Top 5 Pro Gun Moments in 2013

pro gun

Breitbart News has compiled what we believe were the top five pro gun moments from 2013. 5. Lopsided win NRA-backed Virginia delegates secured over delegates backed by Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) on November 5. Out of 67 delegate races, NRA-backed candidates won 65. 4. Number four on the list is the signal […]

New Study Demolishes Almost Every Gun Control Myth

gun myth

A study published in the latest issue of the academic journal Applied Economics Letters took on many of the claims made regularly by advocates of stricter gun laws. The study determined that nearly every claim made in support of stronger restrictions on gun ownership is not supported by an exhaustive analysis of crime statistics. The study, “An […]

Sheriffs Across U.S. Rise Up Against Obama Regime


Sheriffs Across U.S. Rise Up Against Obama Regime Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken. The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures. […]

DISARMED: A History of Gun Control Documentary Film


DISARMED stands as a challenge to the mainstream media’s manipulation and disinformation surrounding the ‘gun control debate’ — an issue that is truly not about the control of guns, but people. In a 31 blast of hard-hitting information, DISARMED is the ultimate information bomb for newcomers and veteran news followers alike. As detailed by news […]

Fantastic Gun Control Debate by Man From Newtown, CT

gun control

Gun control debate by man who’s local town is where Sandy shooting has happened. “Criminals will always commit crime despite the magazine ban or assault weapons ban.” The Maryland Minutemen have been issued Broadcaster Credentials to attend the 2014 SHOT SHOW in January. Please donate to make this trip possible using the PayPal link below. […]

Why I Own a Gun: Daughter’s Boyfriend


Why I Own a Gun: Violent Ex-Boy friends! Friends of ours daughter’s car attacked and all evidence points to ex-boy friend. Violence must be met with resolve.Police first, self defence as a back up. We must protect ourselves and the ones we love. It’s a dangerous world out there so Buy a gun and join […]

The Psychology of Gun Ownership


This video discusses an important aspect of firearm ownership…..The fact that in your travels it may be necessary to take another human’s life in defense of your own. Many people do not consider the concept seriously or they may think that gun ownership is a joke. In this video we try to bring to light […]

Black Folk Don’t: Join the NRA


Black people’s opinion on the NRA… thoughts on this stereotypical idea by the African American community? In my honesty, it seems to be a prejudiced opinion by the black people ( making them look racist ). There are some positive interviews in this video supporting the Right To Bear Arms ( so don’t be offended!) […]