Dallas Store Manager Shoots at 5 Armed Robbers Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7aDacoKiDo Dallas Store Manager Fends Off 5 Armed Robbers with .38 Revolver, Wounding One; Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later A Dallas store manager using his handgun to fend off an attempted robbery by five armed robbers. There’s also audio of the 911 call from the Dallas store manager asking for police help because of the robbery. Reports indicate he asked for police to come because the armed men had tried to rob his store. The store manager shot at the men with a .38 Caliber revolver, sending the robbers scurrying away, and wounding one of them twice. But his call was misclassified because the operator did not understand he was saying in his frantic call that he had shot one of the robbers, and it took police an hour to arrive. In fact, it was so long, the manager went home and was called back by police when the did arrive. It takes a “good guy with a gun” to ward off five armed robbers.

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  1. scouch says

    This might not be across the board true but with the story of the Dallas judge this week and now this story we might say that Dallas is the city of fast judges and slow cops.

      • AlanfromNY says

        They also like to hide behind bushes with their radar guns! Responding to calls like this might be dangerous!

      • Jessie Phillips says

        no, that would be Fort Worth PD, they love speed traps, Dallas PD just cruises neighborhoods looking for prostitutes

      • Fred_K says

        The police are not required to put them in harms way for anybody. Check with the DC police if you do not believe me.

      • ccw1911 says

        Yes I know that. It has been settled in court more than once. I don’t need to check with anybody. I never said they were required to protect civilians. The only thing they are good at is protecting their own asses.

      • Jessie Phillips says

        they should all take that “t protect and to serve” off of their vehicals then

      • kktex12 says

        According to the courts in several northern states, the cops do not have to protect you. All they are tasked to do is respond to a crime already committed.

      • ccw1911 says

        Please read my reply to Fred_K. And I also happen to live in one of those northern states. I stopped relying on the police for my security decades ago. They have no responsibility in area.

    • J. Brown says

      Always believe that I should care for my self, but several years back an ambulance responded for a coronary call after an extended delay. Complaints were registered and the driver replied, We have had seven coronary calls in the past hour, we only have five ambulances available, you can do the math. Even with “shots fired” we can’t respond instantly. First responders can easily be overwhelmed.

      • colsooonscoorner says

        I think in fact they are 2nd responders, You are #1, and you’d better be ready. That’s why we need to protect & keep our 2nd amendment rights.

      • J. Brown says

        As the first responder I am then tasked with keeping others from harm as the sheriff requires. He’s a good man to work for/with. Big iron on the hip is an indicator of my capabilities, never used it, but……………

  2. Czechbikr says

    I could hear quite clearly that the owner said that someone was shot…911 operator should be counseled or fired if they have screwed up before. Just pitiful. It proves quite succinctly that your safety is in your hands…NOT the police.

      • Czechbikr says

        I am a fan of people being hired with some aptitude for the job, adequate training for that job and performing their job functions in an excellent fashion. What they look like is immaterial…unless you are hiring for Victoria Secret.

    • 6cheri6 says

      I agree…the 911 operator MISCLASSIFIED the call. He/she couldn’t tell that it was an emergency?????? That operator is at fault…NOT the police!

      • ronwf says

        It’s true that the operator is at fault, not the police – but it’s irrelevant. The fact is that law enforcement took 74 minutes to respond -and it could happen to you. YOU are responsible to defend yourself. The police have the AUTHORITY, but not the RESPONSIBILITY. You can delegate authority. You cannot delegate responsibility.

      • Jessie Phillips says

        74 minutes, dang Dallas PD is speeding up, they must not have been on break at the time

    • colsooonscoorner says

      Thought it odd, I had said something similar. a purported pollice officer responded and said he was the 1st responder. Seems to me if you’ve got trouble, You are the 1st responder. The police won’t be there till later.

  3. Dean says

    it doesn’t matter what the response time is 5 min isn’t fast enough when you have guns pointed at you! another example why we must protect the 2nd so we can protect the rest!

      • Jessie Phillips says

        yes it was a semi automatic rifle, which does not have a selector switch for auto, which shows that it was not an assault rifle

      • KrisMurphyBlountCountyAL says

        As an assault gun owner, I’m not in some pathetic politispeak denial over what my guns are They are assault rifles….military style/function semi-auto rifles…..they use high capacity magazines….I don’t use them for hunting. They sit there for a “God forbid” time when they may be necessary. And I like to shoot them for fun, at targets
        We need to be honest with the public. We believe in having PARITY with law enforcement/military just like the citizens that stood on Lexington Green. Be honest about it.

      • LouAnnWatson says

        they are actually tactical weapons…sturmgewehr or storm rifle, was the first of this style of rifle to be used on a large scale by the germans in wwII…assault rifle is a term coined by the clinton administration. some people use these rifles for hunting hogs when there are multiple targets that need to be dispatched quickly

  4. Glen says

    Funny, we have no trouble hearing what the transcriber declares was “Inaudible”. This is why the calls are recorded so they can be listened to again if the dispatcher had trouble understanding. The caller had an accent but was speaking English, for God’s sake. Just think what would have happened if it was the victims who had been shot. They would have bled to death waiting for help to arrive. Maybe the caller needed to press “1” to get an English speaking dispatcher first?

  5. dntmkmecomoverther says

    911 couldn’t understand the caller…and that wasn’t deemed significant? Evidently, neither was the ACTIVE, ARMED robbery! What a bunch of bozos! Who the hell trains these dispatchers, K Mart?! Good Grief! Way to go DPD! Chuck another one up to stupidity, but saved by the 2nd Amendment.

  6. John D. Giles says

    I am a dispatcher, but I am also a commissioned Deputy Sheriff. If you cant understand what he was saying, you need to find a new line of work. KEY WORD: “SHOT”… put that together with “ROBBERY”, “2 GUYS” and “GUN” you got all you need… You are making us look bad. Go for some ride time and please pull your head out of it before someone dies.

    • Mattias Karlsson says

      No, because as long as you pass background-checks and fire-arms training then you are cleared and good to go get the weapon you tested for…
      Do NOT confuse Gun-Regulation with the Fascist-Right agenda of Gun-Bans!!!

  7. ginger says

    That dispatcher is nuts..I am hard of hearing and I understood the words ..shot. For the cops to take their own sweet time getting there…shot is shot…denoting violence with a firearm.

    • Julius Lovell says

      doesn’t matter if the idiot operator didn’t understand “shot” the word “robbery” was clear enough, what is it, if you are being robbed they don’t have to respond unless gunfire is involved ????, idiots

  8. Julius Lovell says

    what does it matter if someone was shot or not, it was understood that a robbery was going on, what is the matter with the 911 people and the police in that town. anyone involved in not responding should be fired period.

  9. Xmystic says

    On an off note about affirmative action hiring monkeys, a lot of people in our neighborhood had some of their Christmas ruined because USPS is hiring carriers that cannot speak, understand, or read English. A lot of packages and mail was delivered to the right addresses, but wrong streets. Apparently they can count and read numbers, but not words.

  10. Daniel Vincent Kelley says

    As if 74 minutes response time is ok for an armed robbery, but not for a shooting… If they knew the criminal was shot, they’d have gotten right there to save the criminal, but because it was just a store owner who pays taxes into their salary they can just ignore the call when his complaint is armed robbery!? Ridiculous. They didn’t show up because he admitted he had a gun. This is the new piggery, they’re going to sabotage the lives of gun owners.

  11. John Fah-q Smith says

    “You only need 7 rounds”- Liberal idiots.

    “What about if you have multiple attackers?” – Non-idiots.

    “That is unlikely to happen…” – Liberal Idiots.

  12. JerryG1 says

    Pretty bad. Even if “robbery”, why did Dallas police respond so slowly?
    Store owner has right to defend himself.
    But, seeing this, perhaps we should re-think flooding our society with assault rifles?

  13. John Jett says

    Rubbing the bullets in an old rotten onion would make sure the robber won’t survive. I’m not surprised the cops took so long to respond, they do that all over the country. We need to eliminate our police forces and just rely on the second amendment.

    • yankg says

      If you rolled the bullet in excrement of a pig, the bacteria would be better used to end that persons life. Or, use hollow point bullets, and pack the hollow area with your own excrement, with a light coating of wax over it.

  14. BROWN says


  15. Texas Patriot Wife says

    Thank you for standing up for our gun rights. I just love it when the liberals say to just wait for the police, you don’t need a gun. REALLY?

  16. Farmer John says

    The reporter states that because the call was classified as a “robbery” and not “shots fired” that the PD downplayed the response. If a robbery call, especially if it just occurred should have had several units responding. If the crook that got shot sues it would have to be against the store owner since the Supreme Court has ruled that Law Enforcement does NOT have an obligation to protect the public.

  17. carolyn says

    too bad the owner did kill them all!! So they would never rob again, and take tax payer dollars to defend them. as u know they will plead not guilty, if they are caught. I agree the dispatcher, was stupid.

  18. JimLm says

    How absurd. The police did not respond because they did not understand that someone had been shot when the store owner reported an armed robbery taking place?

    The police department should probably be given credit for responding to all calls within 30 days. Their response demonstrates gross incompetence. Their explanation demonstrates even greater stupidity.

  19. jerrycollie says

    What, you think a cop is Superman? The cops don’t intend to get there until the shooting stops and the situation is reasonably safe. They are not bullet proof.

  20. medivac says

    Cops carry heat primarily for self protection. I live in the country and it takes 15-30 minutes for a response on a 911 call. I also have a sign that says “trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again” !! Another sign that says “Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner ” !! I also will shoot if necessary !!

  21. Peter Furman says

    A sad fact BUT NOT universally true. I am as disgusted,angry,disillusioned as “Anyone” over what has become of our Country! I am aware of the impotence,the tyranny,the breaking of a sacred Oath by so many but to “judge” all for the acts of some is in and of itself what energizes hatred,violence,racism,class warfare the endless menu of depravity that surrounds us all!

    Myself and my friend were the “Victims” of a “reckless”,irresponsible.impaired driver who caused us to “crash” and be trapped inside my car,doors sealed shut,smoke in the cabin and multiple injuries with the stench of death”our own” the only option or so it seemed!

    I am here to tell you of several people who rushed to aid us although,there was nothing they could do and the arrival of police,then trauma teams,fire trucks all within minutes which probably was the only thing that saved us.

    I was in shock as was my passenger. The entire front end of my car was destroyed,I did not know how badly I was hurt only that I was in pain and unable to move! I had severe pain in my knee,my chest,my shoulder and lost at least one tooth. My passenger also was injured and in shock but thankfully not not comatose or dead which was a miracle of sorts,

    These police,local and State were incredibly efficient and kind as we struggled to stay alert.

    In the end we had to be pried out of the car,door removed,windows broken to get out. A near death experience for sure but,the timeliness and aid we were given by these people no doubt saved us from much worse!

    I am Grateful,proud and with an elevated respect for the Hero’s out there that have been abused and demeaned for the acts of those who betray their code,their honor,the primary reason they exist which is equally as repulsive as those who have in fact “Betrayed” their Oath,stolen,extorted,bribed, and eviscerated the law,this country,the people ,the ONLY reason They exist!

    Honor the best of us and fight,prosecute and sentence the worst of us but Remember” there are both!

  22. colsooonscoorner says

    Do ya think the dispatcher would be able to play it back. Even if they ONLY heard robbery in progress. I heard it the first time. Maybe the dispatcher needs hearing aids.

  23. ONTIME says

    The best demonstration as to why the RTC is so important in this society, especially when you cannot get the tax paid help to show up in a timely effective manner…..

  24. Tim Foutz says

    To the owner. Don’t bring a pistol to a rifle fight. GET A RIFLE. The robbers would now be dead if you had a RIFLE in say 7.62×39 or .300 BLK. Pistol are toys. Rifles are for fighting.

  25. Proud Liberal says

    Not all towns and city’s are as slow to respond. Not all gun laws work for every reign. New York laws do not work in Texas any more than Texas laws work for New York.

    • NymRod says

      New York gun laws don’t work in New York as it is illegal for a store owner to own a gun for self defense.
      Texas law would work just the same in New York.

  26. colsooonscoorner says

    The dispatcher needs hearing aids. Or maybe a totally different job. Unreal! Dispatcher could have persisted till the message was correct

    Nope better yet can the dim wit!

  27. Farmer John says

    Now might be a great time for someone living in a jurisdiction where Law Enforcement uses the word Protect” in any manner to project their image. A US Supreme Court Decision many years ago ruled that the Police do not have any obligation to protect its residents. An example would be that has “To protect and Serve” emblazoned on their vehicles. How many other jurisdictions are promoting false advertizing?

  28. kenstaff says

    This is absolute “BS” that 911 dispatcher didn’t get units on the scene quickly! Just one absolute positive for the right to bear arms! It makes absolutely no difference if anyone was shot. Over an hour to respond to a robbery call is completely unacceptable!!!

  29. Bob Onit says

    So “Robberies” are treated as low level responses? Nice message to send out to the skels of the area. No need to worry about the cops showing up anytime soon after a robbery as long as you don’t shoot anyone.

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