Moron ATF Agent Seizes 30 Toy Guns! Says They can be Converted!

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  1. Robert Rasmussen says

    ATF are so full of crap. Being formerly served in the US Army can tell you, you can’t make an airsoft gun fire real bullets. However you can take a real gun and make it look like an airsoft gun and hide the fact it is a real gun. Got to remember ATF are both the idiots behind the Fast and Furious scandal and not to mention the botched WACO texas stand off where they killed everyone there including the kids.

  2. Kitwench says

    Did they also go to Walmart and seize the Daisy BB guns? They shoot METAL pellets!
    I *love* the ATF claiming these could be turned into REAL machine guns… Yikes, what an idiot!

  3. Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez says

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  4. Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez says

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  5. Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez says

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  6. Rodney says

  7. Bryce Cartwright says

    so. where is the video or hell even a toy gun that they made into a real gun at show the public that. dont show us how you made it just show us a before picture of it and an after picture of it than shoot it so we all can watch you blow up.

  8. Russell Middleton says

    I think I see a new market here. I can buy airsoft guns convert them and then sell them to the ARMY. They would save money to as I would only charge them half price! How come nobody has though of this before??? I guess we aren’t as smart as the members of the ATF…..

  9. Dennis Ferguson says

    Having worked an improved paintbal guns they can e converted to a high powered rifle but not a true fire arm one it would have to have a co2 system witch means it has limited use then you turn the c02 up to fire as most air soft guns are battery there is allmost no chance that an air soft using battery power can be used as a deadly weapon. basicaly atf wanted a reason to throw a fit and cry like a bunch of panzies.

  10. Ballistic45 says

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, yep, it sure is…… I would be far more concerned with REAL GUNS having their muzzles painted orange…. That would make most police hesitate shooting would it not?

  11. Pete Siegel says

    So, why not arrest the business owner for violating firearms laws then? Answer: These idiots screwed up and instead of admitting being wrong the ATF are trying to come up with any cockamamie answer they can come up with to save their bacon. Sorry ATF but you’re idiots.

  12. Daniel Griffin says

    Just another way the liberal media brainwashes the uneducated public with false accusations just so people agree with them. All they are doing is hurting small businesses and then wondering why we have economical issues

  13. Richard Sanborn says

    Lol, have you idiots never heard of zip guns? They’ve been used for decades to successfully commit and get away with murder, your hatred towards the ATF(in which I share) does not excuse the fact that you are wrong, any person with a touch of ingenuity could accomplish this, you’re all just too naive and supportive of guns to see it.

    Go google ‘zip gun’ and you’ll see a lot worse jerry rigged contraptions that can successfully fire real ammunition.

    • Brakechute says

      There is a big difference between finding materials that will survive having a round fired through them and converting a toy which was never meant to handle it.

      • Richard Sanborn says

        Well tbh do you think this agent is worried about someone just trying to fire ammunition through an airsoft gun? I think they’re more worried about someone with the smarts to make it work.

  14. richard says

    I love it. The fact that this moron BATF agent was wasting time with this means he was not interfering with people 2nd amendment rights. He was simply violating the rights of children. This is what happens when people think my degree is what matters. They could have picked up any 25yr old kid from my old neighborhood and he or she would have made a better agent with a high school diploma. Thank goodness for this guys college education. Other wise I would have to deal with him driving a truck or digging a ditch and screwing that up.

  15. stephen feldmeier says

    The ATF has turned against the American people. To them anyone who owns a gun and anyone who served in the military even if they own a gun or not is the enemy. Except for them of course. The ATF feels that they should be the only ones to own fully automatic rifles. The nonsense needs to stop. I can stop it.

  16. Donna Argo says

    It’s just like I’ve always said, put someone in a “position”, and put a suit on them, and their common sense goes out the window!! Why are “WE THE PEOPLE ” paying these morons??

  17. Aron Tomassi says

    Haaa haaaa!!!

    Oh man, I love how the “ATF Special Agent” tries to insert the magazine backwards! The guy speaks as if he were only marginally able to string words together. He is almost certainly functionally illiterate. Well, I guess we all know the protocol that allowed him to be hired by the ATF.

  18. urbsdetector says

    These guns are actually TRANSFORMERS!!!! They can also turn into F16 Fighter jets! LOL What kind of dufus idiots are working at the ATF! I guess next they will be confiscating whoopie cushions because they think they can be converted to nuclear weapons!!

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