We Support and Defend the Second Amendment

As a 100% combat veteran-owned and operated company, we have not only sworn an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, but we’ve all also been deployed to combat to do the same.  That’s even more reason why we at RTBA are passionate about being a voice and advocate for the 2nd Amendment — after all, it is the Second that protects the rest.  

We know all too well how quickly the rule of law can break down in a society when checks and balances either don’t exist or fail.  It takes only a few corrupt and strong players to enslave and oppress the many.  Of course it’s for this very reason that our nation’s Forefathers included the Right to Bear Arms as one of the very first amendments to our great Constitution.  

RTBA started when Erik (RTBA’s founder), in the course of starting his own small business in the firearms industry, he quickly discovered that there were massive hurdles in advertising or promoting any sort of content that pertained even remotely to firearms. All of the social media outlets, search engines, and other online media imposed huge restrictions, oftentimes threatening to shut down accounts and businesses if promoting firearms through their platforms. This widespread and heavy-handed censorship was the reason Erik founded RTBA.

At its core, RTBA is an advocacy forum that supports the 2nd Amendment utilizing social media to aggregate free speech and thought. RTBA is a completely uncensored, unfiltered community of private citizens…a complete free-for-all of opinions, comments, dialog, and content. We encourage free dialog and a platform for all people to voice their opinions on a variety of topics that affect the 2nd Amendment and our lives as Americans.  We bring you news, products, and resources so that you can stay informed on the latest topics.  We also have a network of in-house experts that can answer your questions on any number of topics as it pertains to firearms, self-defense, laws, and more. 

We’re NOT a lobbying entity or political action group; nor do we operate like a news syndicate. What makes us different is that we don’t answer to anyone. We created a platform and community for private citizens to voice anything they want about the 2nd Amendment (or their political/social viewpoints) without censorship. This includes our team members – we allow anyone on our team to post anything they want to our page even if the content reflects their own personal opinion and clashes with another team member’s opinions. It’s also the very reason RTBA is so influential in its impact to political and social issues in America.  We are a completely private, unsponsored entity of millions of individual voices and truly represent a large cross section of America that has otherwise been silenced through various methods of censorship. 

More than ever, it has become critical to voice our opinions, defend our values, and protect the Constitution and the rule of law in America. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and be active in supporting the Second Amendment.  We’ll continue to bring you fresh content and serve as the open and uncensored forum for all concerned citizens.

From all of us at RTBA, thank you for your support and for defending the Second Amendment!




Susan C. Gonzales

As CEO, Susan develops and guides the company’s strategic vision and direction in serving the firearms industry and promoting the Second Amendment; additionally, she leads all of the company’s analytics efforts.

Susan brings her operational experience in starting up and operating several successful and prominent shooting range and retail gun store operations in Houston, Texas and has also consulted for various other prominent projects in Oklahoma and Texas.  Her years of operational experience in the firearms industry combined with her proven and highly analytical background brings a unique capability to the industry and to the RTBA team. She currently also runs a data analytics company that serves clients in a variety of other industries. 

Susan graduated from the US Military Academy in 2003 with a degree in Foreign Languages and served just over five years in Active Duty service as a US Army Intelligence Officer.


Erik Rivera
Founder & CTO

As the CTO, Erik develops and implements new technologies towards each of the company’s major activities in order to be the fastest, most secure, and most effective digital technology and online media company in the market.

His exceptional talent and drive fuels multiple other highly successful tech start-ups; the Huffington Post even awarding him as one of their “Favorite Entrepreneurs of 2011”.  Erik has a passion for raising funds for Veterans’ organizations and actively advocates hiring veterans in Tech to incubators and start-ups in Silicon Valley.  Among many other skills, he brings to the company particular and extraordinary expertise in Social Media Marketing, SEO, E-Commerce, and Software Development and leads each of these respective teams.

Erik graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2004 with a degree in Weapons and Systems Engineering and served over six years in Active Duty service as a US Navy EOD Officer.


T M. Alford

As the COO, T leads all of the company’s critical core operations, from real and virtual assets/logistics management to human resource management; he works directly with the CTO to help develop and vet new technologies while leading all operational implementation efforts.

T also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team with several successful start-up ventures underneath his belt in the Tech industry as well as the Petroleum industry.

T graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2002 and Naval Nuclear Power School in 2003. He then served for seven years in  Active Duty service as a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer. He continues to serve in the US Navy Reserve and has deployed to South America in that capacity.


Adam Gonzales (''Gonz'')
Tactical Operations Director

Adam “Gonz” serves as the company’s chief product advisor and principal liaison to military and defense organizations around the world.

With his highly specialized military and private military background, nearly 13 of his 17 years in service were spent engaged in direct combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gonz currently runs operations in hostile and semi-hostile environments and brings his expertise to RTBA in curating and evaluating security-related products and services. He also assists in developing and maintaining the company’s strategic partnerships.


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