Concealed Carry Laws

A 70-year-old Vietnam veteran shot at two would-be robbers in Venice, IL, leaving one dead and the other facing first-degree murder charges.

The incident occurred on the morning of February 2, 2017 in the 200 block of Abbott Street in Venice, when officers were dispatched at around 10 a.m. after reports of shots fired. At the scene, officers discovered the body of Billy D. Dickerson, 19, of St. Louis, in his car. A second man, Perry A. Richardson, 23, was wounded.

concealed carry laws
2013 photo of Richardson from the Missouri Department of Corrections

Illinois State Police determined that the two men approached a parked car on Abbott Street and attempted to rob a couple at gunpoint, but the man, identified only as a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran from St. Louis, pulled his own pistol and fired at the two, who attempted to flee.

The victim’s concealed carry permit was technically not valid in Illinois, which has stricter training requirements than any other state and doesn’t recognize other state’s carry permits. Carry permits are a little different, because training and licensing standards vary from state to state.  Illinois is one of the most restrictive and doesn’t recognize any other state’s permits, while 28 other states, including Missouri, recognize Illinois’.

In the wake of the shooting, Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons not only declined to charge the would-be victim, he said the situation was one in which “the necessity for (concealed carry for self-defense) becomes crystal clear.”

It shows that local prosecutors have a lot of discretion when it comes to some gun laws, and Gibbons, as well as previous state’s attorneys, have not been shy about using that discretion in some cases.

“I encourage people to have the permit,” he said Tuesday. “But as far as whether we’re going to spend the precious resources the public provides (prosecuting license violations), I’m not going to do that.”

He added that Illinois state law includes the concept of “necessity,” meaning someone might violate a lesser law to prevent a more serious violation.

Richardson was later charged with first-degree murder, because he participated in the crime that led to Dickerson’s death.

“This case is just another example of two innocent people placed in a life-threatening situation,” Gibbons said. “In this case, the victim was certainly better prepared for the gunfight than the would-be robbers.”


In a completely separate incident on February 4, 2017, a Houston man was closing up his business and getting into his car when two men attempted to rob him.  The owner of J&S Barbecue, who is in his 70s, fought back and drew his concealed weapon, shooting and killing one man while the other man ran and got away, according to Houston police.

“When the first units arrived they found a black male shot on the ground behind the business,” said officer T.R. Jackson. “That man was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. It’s possible that male and another male attempted to rob our complainant out here.”

Police are still looking for the other suspect.


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4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Laws

  1. Dot Brooks says:

    He is still a hero. Once for surviving that terrible war and now by doing what he had to do. Why these punks targeted an old man wasn’t smart. You never know, what you might assume my be a big mistake. You never know what others are thinking and are capable of. Even when seventy.

    • Jakes says:

      In South Africa farm attacks are incredibly common. Particularly old people. Criminals torture and gang rape old people for hours before fleeing with whatever they can find. I have family that have been raped and beaten to within an inch of their lives, most South Africans can at least name one family member that has been a victim of such a harsh crime. Every South African can account for house robberies and other less heinous crimes. I believe concealed carry is essential here…

  2. J Ervin says:

    As our society gets more lawless, it has become necessary to protect ourselves. For the concealed carry citizen, this is our best chance to survive the insanity that occurs way too often lately. Good for the armed citizen, not so good for the bad guys. Bottom line: If it’s me or you….it’s ME!

  3. Stephen Powers says:

    I think the 70 year old vet did the right thing, good for him he new how to handle pressure and a gun. Being in that awful war in Vietnam was so brutal for our troops, mainly war if terrible and second the south Vietnam men did not want to fight for their own freedom but their were a few good troops from the south. This brave vet has been in high pressure fighting in that war so he new how to handle this robbery and did the right thing. God bless this brave man and Veteran plus his wife. I think if you can get a gun permit and buy a handgun you should be able to carry a concealed weapon and for those who are unable to get a handgun permit from their Sheriff department and have a handgun the law must put the slap down on them. We have so many people who have a gun or handgun but not able to own one legally must have the law to out the slap down on them. The democrats – Liberals, think banning guns from all people in this country is pure crazy because criminals will always have a gun, mainly a handgun and concealed. Democrat Feinstein in congress said if people did not have guns the criminals with guns would lay down their gun during a crime and she owns a handgun with a conceal carry permit. The liberals are a major treat to America – home terrorist. Crime is out of control in America, we are not building enough prisons in this country, it would be cheaper to keep criminal locked up instead of being in public. Look at Chicargo – they have the strictest gun laws in the country but look at all the shooting and killings, mainly all gang members – they should be treated as terrorist because they terrorize all and all should be sent to Gitmo, we must crack down on gang members real bad.

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