Definitive Guide To Selling Gun Safes

Have you ever wondered why some people are better at sales than others?  Well, before I went into sales I was an engineer, and I did wonder!  Like most people, I just assumed some folks were just born with the ability to sell.  Then I got into sales and learned it is a process just like engineering!  Work the process!  This article is written for people considering or already using CloseHero, but it can help anybody trying to increase sales and have happier customers.  Here’s how to level up! your sales and customer satisfaction, step-by-step!

List of Supplies

  1. Write down common questions – what are the most common questions people ask about gun safes?  Write them down on a piece of paper.  Questions like…
    1. “What do most folks get?”
    2. “What’s the cheapest safe?”
    3. “What’s the fanciest safe?”
  2. Write down not so common questions – think about every customer that asked you about safes but then didn’t end up buying.
  3. Write down questions you should always ask – What questions should you ask a customer every single time a gun safe could be helpful in their life?
    1. “How much space do you have?”
    2. “How many guns and pistols do you have?  Are you planning on having?”
    3. “How many kids?”
    4. “What are their ages?”
    5. “Did you know why guns are so popular to sell by thieves?”
    6. “Did you have a budget in mind?” Expert tip:  this may sound intrusive but asked after you’ve demonstrated to the customer that you are sincerely trying to find out about them and their life so you can help, is actually the right thing to do!
  4. Sales Collateral – What is “sales collateral?” If you have ever opened up a catalog to show a picture to help a customer make a buying decision you were using “sales collateral.”
    1. You know what is even better than catalogs?  You’re real customers with real products.  An integral part of what you are selling them is that they get it from your store.  Expert tip: Take a picture of a safe you sold to somebody, in their home, with their happy family (with small kids!) smiling next to it.  People will want to be happy and safe, just like the people in the picture. Remember by buying a safe what people are really buying is peace of mind.  You want them to equate you with that peace of mind!
    2. Can you create a simple flyer about a success story when a thief wasn’t able to steal an owner’s guns?  Can you think of another scenario to drive home an important point?  Write it down!  Expert tip – Instead of rambling about some safe spec, bring up that story!
    3. If you offer installation or delivery services make sure to have all that information handy, and any special customer contracts or proposals you use for these types of services.
    4. Gather all your catalogs with pricing information, in electronic format if possible.

Now you’ve got your list of supplies you are ready to setup CloseHero.  Yay!

Set up your pricing and rules – You’ll be using Items and Spreadsheets.  Your CloseHero Success Advocate will be right there with you to make setup a breeze.

  1. Setup contracts and proposals – Do you offer any special services such as delivery and customer installations?
  2. Write a “script” for a perfect customer interaction – this is your perfect conversation to sell a safe and have the customer extremely satisfied with their purchase.  Anytime you have a conversation with a customer and it deviates from this scenario, it is your ethical duty to drive the conversation back to this ideal path!  Expert tip: If you have put the effort to thinking this through, you would be doing the customer a disservice by letting the conversation wander.
    1. Think about what images should be shown to help drive home any points or questions.
    2. Practice the conversation by yourself.  Then, with others, until it is smooth as silk!

Setup your Presentation – Keep in mind you can go back to Spreadsheets to address new rules you think of during this process.

Use your Presentation!  Keep using it with customers and refining as you see what works, new products come to the market, new events happen that you want to bring up, etc., etc.  Just imagine how easy it will now be to bring a new sales rep up to speed!

This post was written by Mike Latch, CEO of CloseHero, and Solar Software evangelist.

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