TV Surround Hidden Compartment Furniture

Hidden Compartment Furniture

Hidden Compartment Furniture

Why is hidden compartment furniture a great idea?

Well, whether your preferred home defense weapon is a rifle, shotgun or handgun, you probably don’t want to mount it on your wall as a trophy or leave it out in the open for anyone in your home to see. Not to mention that leaving a firearm unsecured and unsupervised is a terrible idea, especially if you have children in the home.

Additionally, the Bureau of Justice reports that roughly 1.4 million guns were stolen during household burglaries between 2005 and 2010. Law enforcement officials have also warned that large, conspicuous gun safes are usually more of a target than a deterrent for thieves. In fact, practically any half-way motivated criminal can make short work of many standard gun safes using nothing more than a crow-bar, some cordless power tools and a Google search.

Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight, and that’s why hidden gun storage ideas are becoming so popular.

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily keep your guns and other valuables stored safely and securely, while keeping them completely out of sight and out of mind. Whether you’re looking for a hidden gun cabinet, gun shelves, or some other form of secret storage, nowadays there’s no shortage of types of furniture with hidden compartments.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite pieces of hidden compartment furniture from both our own store, as well as from around the web. We’ve also linked to the companies who make the furniture for your convenience. If you know about some other awesome hidden compartment furniture you’d like to see here, comment below or drop us a line.


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Hidden Gun Safe Couches, Tables and Desks

The Couch Bunker

Imagine having  a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch.

And what if it also had bullet-proof cushions that could be used as an emergency shield?

Meet the Couch Bunker:

Hidden compartment furniture couch - the bunker couch with bullet resistant cushions


Coffee Table Gun Cabinet

Is this the best coffee table ever? I’d love a coffee table with hidden storage such as this:

Hidden Compartment Furniture - DIY Hidden gun storage coffee table

Covert Coffee Table 

…but then again, this gun concealment coffee table from NJ Concealment Furniture is awesome too:

(and much more subtle)

Hidden Gun Storage Table

Secret compartment furniture, such as this could be a great way to teach people some “table manners.” 🙂

Hidden gun storage table

Oak Executive Desk with Multiple Compartments

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Hidden Gun Storage Cabinets, Curios and Bookcases

Secret Compartment Armoire by Furniture Traditions

This beautiful hidden gun cabinet by Furniture Traditions can conceal your firearms and other valuables covertly behind a flat-screen TV and also houses a fingerprint gun safe inside.

Hidden Compartment Furniture armoire with a hidden gun safe

Dual Curio and Hidden Gun Cabinet

This curio cabinet from American Furniture Classics holds up to ten long guns in a secret compartment that slides out when unlocked.

Dual curio and hidden gun cabinet by American Furniture Classics

Hidden Compartment Cherry Corner Hutch

A beautiful cherry hutch by NJ Concealment Furniture with an insane amount of hidden gun storage space.

NJ Concealment Furniture - Cherry Corner Hutch with hidden gun storage compartments

Safeguard Shelving System with Hidden Storage

The Safeguard shelving system by Q-Line Designs is a great way to add some inconspicuous gun storage to your home. Each piece is custom made, and everything from the the shelving and compartments to the wood and color are customizable to your specifications and liking.

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Hidden Gun Storage Shelves and Mirrors

Corner Gun Shelf with Secret Storage

A classic wood floating wall shelf by NJ Concealment Furniture that is designed to be mounted in the corner. When it’s mounted to the wall, it appears to be a standard floating shelf, but after disengaging the magnetic locks, the bottom slides out revealing a hidden gun storage compartment.

Secret Compartment Gun Shelf by NJ Concealment Furniture - 1


Hidden Gun Shelf

The Tactical Walls 1242 & 825 Concealment Shelves use magnets to release the locks.

RFID Quick Shelf Gun Safe

The offers RFID unlocking technology for quicker and safer access to your firearm. Accessories include RFID bracelets and keyfobs.

QuickShelf RFID hidden gun storage shelf QuickShelf RFID hidden compartment furniture gun shelf

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Hidden Gun Storage Mirrors, Clocks and Decor

Hidden Gun Mirror

The 1450M Bundle from Tactical Walls is another awesome piece of hidden compartment furniture we’d love to get our hands on.

Tactical Walls Hidden Gun Mirror

Mantel Clock to Hide a Gun

This tall mantel clock by Covert Cabinets shows that hidden compartment furniture can come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Tall mantel clock with hidden gun storage compartment by Covert Cabinets

Tall mantel clock with hidden gun storage compartment by Covert Cabinets - pic 2

Tactical Concealment Wall Clock

The Tactical Wall Clock by Tactical Walls offers quick-access to your hidden firearm while remaining completely inconspicuous to the uninformed.

Tactical Wall Clock by Tactical Walls

Flag Display with Secret Gun Compartment

A simple, yet effective diversion safe hidden behind an American flag display.

hidden gun safehidden gun flag box

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Hidden Compartment Beds, Dressers and Nightstands

Dresser with Secret Compartment Rifle Storage

This hidden gun dresser by Covert Furniture that features two slide-out sections to secretly store firearms, money, or other valuables.

Hidden gun dresser by Covert Furniture

Quick Access End Table or Nightstand

High Capacity Bedroom Set

The Honey-Glazed High Capacity Bedroom Set from Rough Country Rustic Furniture sets a new standard for hidden gun storage in the bedroom:

Rough Country Rustic Furniture Bed with hidden guns storage compartments

King Bed Bunker Safes

Although they are pricey, these safes from Bed Bunker are able to store up to 64 rifles and are fire-rated for up to two hours to keep your guns and valuables safe in extreme conditions.

best gun safe

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More Hidden Compartment Furniture

Air Vent Safe

The “Quick Vent” air vent safe is an ingenious way to hide a gun or other valuables right in plain sight. This covert gun safe uses quick access RFID technology and is on sale in our store.

(While supplies last)

hidden gun storage


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