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Not Your Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

Christmas Story

BB and pellet guns have come along way since 1983 and the warning on The Christmas Story that “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  Once heralded as “toy guns” or “children’s guns”, pellet guns and BB guns can now be as sophisticated, and definitely as pricey, as real guns. To add to that, they more closely resemble actual guns in looks than they ever have before. Ok, I know what some of you are thinking. At least when I was young, you could order realistic looking handguns in the back of some comic books and magazines. BUT… could you get something that looked like an AR or AK? These days, they are real guns, whether people want to admit the fact or not. The spectrum now goes from kids toys (spring action, low-power) to small-game, hunting rifles. Let’s take a little bit of a look at the spectrum.

Real Air Rifle Power

Air Rifle

This website recently did a review of the best 1500 fps air rifle. You read that right! An air rifle review for a gun that fires well beyond the speed of sound. This is a case where a shot in the eye in about whether you shoot your eye or not. This is a legitimate tool for a skilled adult. No, there isn’t any concern that some punk is going to hold up a liquor store with this, but it’s probably more than 7 year old needs to handle unsupervised. I actually had the chance to test one of these high powered beauties for some plinking. I have to tell you… I’m in love.

There are plenty of place I go camping where the discharge of firearms isn’t exactly looked kindly upon. This gives me a legitimate avenue to hunt small game around the campsite without disrupting neighbor campers or bringing the park rangers down on me. I’m sure a number of you were aware of the new power of this class of weapon, but until recently I only new it to be children’s toys.


The same website from above posted an article about the quietest air rifle. Funny enough, this is exactly what I was looking for after my test run of the powerful 1500 fps pellet gun. I loved the strength, but the pop was still a little much to plink around in the backyard. Keep in mind I have a big yard, but I do have neighbors. And these are the kind of neighbors that wouldn’t be too please to the popping and dinging of me having a good time.

Okay. So at this point, I’ve seen that the evolution of BB guns have transformed from my basic spring-action daisy to powerful and silent “firearms” without the fire part. My next search was for something that I alluded to in the opening in the opening paragraph – I wanted to see if they had something that looked cool and looked like one of my “big boy” guns.

Yep! Think of just about any firearm you can think of and there is a replica version of it for BB, pellet or airsoft.

My Two Cents

The world of guns is expanding. What I had been unaware of just a year ago is actually a booming industry with millions of followers. I had some idea that there were accuracy competitions in the air rifle world, but certainly not any idea to the real extent of the community. When I began searching and discussing with people who were firearm enthusiasts, I was surprised how much of an overlap there was. Many of my buddies that enjoyed challenging to shoot offs at the range, were happy to say they would do the same air rifles.

When I mentioned hunting with a pellet gun, I was quickly regaled with stories from friends of the biggest animals they had taken down air rifle. I heard stories that weren’t just the rat or maybe squirrel I was expecting. I legitimately heard stories from honest men about targeting rabbits with what I once considered children’s toys.

I love to hunt and I love to make it challenge. I’m waiting on my hunting pellet gun to arrive and I’m happily anxious about it. If you had asked me if I imagined that I would be anxiously awaiting a glorified BB gun a year ago I would have laughed at you. But here I stand, excited and looking forward to raining down the thunder of my skills on the squirrels of the area. Wow, didn’t see that coming.


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