{Watch} Flag-Burner Outside DNC Sets Himself on Fire Accidentally

Just like last week at the RNC, protesters burned American flags at this week’s DNC. A reporter captured the video above as one protester stomped on the burning flag and inadvertently set himself on fire. Bystanders helped him quickly extinguish the flames as he dropped to the ground in a panic. One protester yelled “burn that white capitalist […]

Best Gun Safes

How to Select the Best Gun Safe for You So you have made the decision that a gun safe is the safest, most cost-effective way to house your weapon when it is not in your possession. You may already know a lot about gun safes, or you may just be in the beginning stages of learning […]

CertaPet Reviews: Is CertaPet A Scam?

CertaPet: The Emotional Support Animal Letter Experts Millions of Americans suffer from mental or emotional disabilities, and sadly, many of them are unable to receive the treatment they need. Numerous studies have confirmed the health benefits of emotional support animals (ESAs), and CertaPet helps mental health patients obtain ESA recommendation letters from licensed mental health […]

Hidden Compartment Furniture

TV Surround Hidden Compartment Furniture

Hidden Compartment Furniture Why is hidden compartment furniture a great idea? Well, whether your preferred home defense weapon is a rifle, shotgun or handgun, you probably don’t want to mount it on your wall as a trophy or leave it out in the open for anyone in your home to see. Not to mention that leaving a […]

The Argument for the Biometric Gun Safe

GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe for Pistols

The Argument for the Biometric Gun Safe Apart from actively training with your firearm, the most time-consuming part about owning a gun is safe storage. A gun isn’t a cucumber; it can’t be stored in the dry box in the refrigerator.  Nor should you store any weapon in plain sight within your home.  Untrusted guests, […]

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